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bbsBayes2 is a package for performing hierarchical Bayesian analysis of North American Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) data. ‘bbsBayes2’ will run a full model analysis for one or more species that you choose, or you can take more control and specify how the data should be stratified, prepared for Stan, or modelled.

Installation instructions are below.

See the documentation for an overview of how to use bbsBayes2.

Additional resources:


bbsBayes2 can be installed from the bbsBayes R-Universe:

                 repos = c(bbsbayes = '',
                           CRAN = ''))

Alternatively you can install directly from our GitHub repository with either the pak (recommended) or remotes packages.

With pak:


With remotes:


If you want to install a developmental branch (at your own risk!), you can use the following (assuming you want to install a branch called dev).

```{r} pak::pkg_install(“”)